Where Do Swinging Happen And How?

Related imageApart from the semi-public places and private homes, swinging can happen with the help of many dating websites. There are now a number of websites which cater to the swingers. These sites have thousands of swinging couples and singles registered on them. Antithetical to the stereotyped common view that having many sexual partners can cause a serious threat to STDs, the prevalence of STDs and STIs among the swingers is, in fact, lower than in common population. They make it a routine to use the condoms. Swingers are comparatively more acquainted and learned about the STIs and STDs and their symptoms. They promptly seek medical help and treatments for any STI, that too without any shame or guilt. Rather, in some places, the county clinics which treat STIs are considered as a great place for the clients for hooking up with the potential sexual partners.

Predominance of Swinging and Swingers

As the estimates of 2010 by Kinsey institute, swinging is comparatively uncommon in the US. Research are being conducted on swinging in the US since the late 60s. In a study of 2000 based on one internet questionnaire, consigned to the visitors of the swingers-related websites, it was found that swingers are in fact happier in their relationships than the common couples. 60% people said that swinging refined and made their relationships better. 1.7% people were with the contrasting views. According to them, swinging didn’t prove out to be very good for their relationship. About 50% people who rated their relationship as ‘very happy’ with getting into the act of swinging maintained that their relationship had become even happier. 90% of the people who had a less happy relationship said the swinging had improved them. About 70 percent swingers claimed no issues with jealousy.