Tips On How To Be A Good Escort

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Being an escort may not be every girl’s dream, but if done properly, it can be a very fun job and a good way to socialize and meet new people. Over the centuries, this way of making a living has been blamed, bullied and shamed by people worldwide, genuinely forgetting that old courtesans and geishas in Middle Age Japan brought this job to new levels of high education, culture, manners, beauty and intelligence. If you recently started your career as one of the English escorts in London, here are some good tips to re-bring this job to a state of art and become the best at what you do:

Invest in your manners and overall appearance

Most escorts who resort to this type of making money dream about being at lavish parties, surrounded by millionaires, luxury and opulence. Unfortunately for them, they will never reach this level without investing in their manners, overall appearance and the way they are perceived by other people. Rich people seek more in an escort than an easy prey to have sex with; they want an intelligent woman who knows how to act in society accordingly and knows how to maintain the etiquette. Invest in manner classes and read books in order to improve your personality.


Invest in qualitative photos and exquisite websites

If you are an escort on your own and look to be hired by esteemed and rich clientele, you must know how to attract them. Invest in a qualitative website and high quality photo shootings and pictures. You must by all means appear elegant and sophisticated, and this comes from your attitude, as well as from your clothing, hairstyle and makeup style. Even escorts can be classy and it is in your best interest to look that way if you want to attract wealthy people.