There are tons of nude celebrity selfies

Did you know that even celebrities like being naughty. That means they do love sex and all that other normal life that we, mortals, like. The thing is though, when nude celebrities take photos of themeselves, they are more likely to get involved in dramas and hacking attempts.

By hacking attempts, I really mean nude celeb photos get leaked often causing a lot of financial and reputation pain for the celebrities. Of course, most of such cases that actually happen, is the fault of actual victims. Why would anyone in sane mind take naked selfies? I mean I do but I only have my torso naked. I do this so I can later in the year compare my body and how work outs affect my body and over what period of time. Of course, if someone hacked such photos and posted online, it wouldn’t affect my life, though I prefer keeping them secret.

However, when it comes to celebrities, they might get a little bit drunk or wasted or whatever and then start taking naked selfies. Of course, it is not their intention to take photos so they can be hacked and leaked to the public. However, a lot of people still take those selfies and send them to their hubbies and wifeys. When they break up, it is highly likely that their ex partners “leak” those photos to the public because they might be jealous or something. The bad thing is, celebrities don’t realise that such cases exists or such cases would happen to them in particular. They think that their lives are already sorted and their current partners would stay with them forever.

Therefore, if their photos are leaked, it’s their own fault. It is a said thing but people trust people too much. I mean it’s OK to trust, it’s NOT OK to be an asshole and publicise naked pictures of your loved ones. Even if they are no longer your lovers.