Roleplaying sex games to enhance your sex life

Imagine you are a girl … or perhaps you are a girl reading this post. Whatever. Just imagine that. And you wish to have sex with another equally gorgeous girl. Let’s assume that you are real girlfriends or something but your sex life is getting blatant … no more as exciting as it used to be. How do you revive all that excitement of having sex so it’s no longer a must-do chore in a relationship?

Role-playing or the cerita panas out of your imagination. This is a key to ever-lasting sexual life with your partner. So why lesbians in this case? It’s just an example and … well … I love girls fucking each other.

So instead of just having a regular sex night, you can play a little bit. Play slaves and masters. This is a game where one girl is a slave and the other – her queen or whatever. Slave has to tie herself up to the wall or chair or bed or whatever. The queen can take a whip and slightly hit the slave … well, not really hit but rather touch to get the slave aroused or something.

Then queen can do whatever she pleases with the slave. She can have her pussy eaten by the slave, she can have her toes kissed and licked by the slave. The thing is, the slave is tied up and she can’t move. Other thing that queen can do is put a double dildo in slave’s mouth and then ride the other end as a cock. Of course, the slave should suck and lick the asshole of the queen to make it wet … as well as both ends of the double dildo so the queen can have the dildo lubes so it moves into her asshole easier.

Of course there are plenty of other games you can do to spice up your sex life.