The power of online sex shops

Did you know that there are plenty of online shops for your sex toys? You no longer need to go to the actual physical shop and buy sex toys. Such things can be quite embarrassing and I don’t blame you. Buying a butt plug, especially for a man can be a very shameful feeling. However, when you go online and order that butt plug, hell, order shemale sex doll, nobody is going to judge you for your weird sex sense. I certainly not!

So, why go to the shop and get embarrased when you can just order online with 24-48 hours delivery. These online shops gives you confidense, anonimity as well as convenience so you just go and buy it online. Your toys will be delivered right to your doorstep.

If you think that such shops don’t get any business because people still go to physical sex shop, you are very wrong. There are a lot of adult seo companies that can report otherwise – you would be surprised how many people actually buy from these shops. It simply saves a shit tons of time and effort.

So if you require a butt plug, plastic penis, prostate massager or whatever your other sexual needs are, you can just look for your national online sex shop and you will be surprised how many shops there are around! Just go over there and order whatever you need and get them delviered this week!

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Feeling dirty? Try out the ejaculating dildo

Are you a dirty gilr who’s up for some dirty ass fuck or vaginal sex? Are you afraid that another man might be too rough for you? Perhaps you love rough but you might not wish to get hurt by another man’s hand. It’s not a problem. You not need to face another man ever again even of you wish to have the dirtiest sex in.

What you have to realise is that there are countless of ways to have sex without man’s intervention. What you can do is get ejaculating dildo and fuck yourself. There are plenty of sizes to choose from. If you like long but thin, you can have it. If you like short but fat cock, no problem at all. What about 12 inch long and 3 inch wide? Can you handle it? The best thing is, if you are really extreme about having sex, you can get ejaculating cock that will cum all over your ass … or vagina … or face.

You can put whatever liquid you wish. Simply water works fine but you can also put milk instead. This would actually simulate actual sperm. So when it cums all over your face, you have white stuff on your face, just like as if you were fucked with real penis. Best think is, it won’t stink (unless you use expired milk). No need to clean up after ejaculation (in case it’s water or something). It can be quite tasty too. You can put lemonade instead of water and swallow. There would be no clean up required at all.

You can also place the dick on floor and ride it like you would ride real one. Best thing is, both of your hands would be free so you could either finger yourself or touch your nipples to get a bigger orgasm.

Porn star mastubators – great for men

So you are wondering what the hell is porn star masturbator? Well, as the name implies, it’s the type of dick toys, where the doll looks exactly like a porn star. A lot of men fantasize about having sex with their favourite porn star … or just anmy porn star for that matter. So what can be better than having sex with life size doll that looks exactly like your crush? Real sex, obviously, but it is mostly impossible.

Anyway, porn star masturbators are great for you. Even if that porn star is available for hire and you wished to hire, you would probably end up paying thousands if not several just for one session … which would probably last less than 2 hours. Life size porn star masturbators are way cheaper yet they look excactly like the porn star. Oh and you can fuck it whenever you please.

Also, when hiring real porn star, you would probably need to undergo tons of tests to make sure you don’t have any sexually transmitted diseases or something. This could probably take a lot of time. So why not get a porn star masturbator so you can fuck whenever you want.

So if you are interested in these dolls, there is a wide range of opportunities here. So, basically, these will be like real girls – you can fuck them in their vaginas. You can have anal sex also. Oh what about oral sex or tit job? Also possible. If you are kinky enough you can also buy your favourite porn star masturbator – shemale version where she will have mountable cock. So if you are into kinky shit then you can also ride her cock while touching her nipples.

So if you keep watching porn because of your favourite porn star, know that you can now fuck them too.