Best rules to follow in a sex party

Related imageFirst off, all, we are very much sure you are feeling very lucky that someone invited you to their house for this swingers’ sex party. If not, you should be. The main things to remember should be pretty much common sense to you, but we will go over them quickly just to be sure.


This first point is so important that if you miss it, half of the party is already finished. Never show up late, but don’t show up early either. If you are there early wait in the car for a few minutes or drive around the block. You do not want to add any stress to your hosts. They will usually give you a time range when they are open to welcome their guests.

  1. Bring a Hostess Gift

This seems pretty obvious to me, but you would be surprised as to how many people show up at a sex club party empty handed. Remember, the hosts went through a lot of work (and probably expense) to setup this party cleaned up the house made or bought food have ice and probably mixes available. The least you can do is bring them a little something, even a bottle of wine will do.

  1. Bring More Than You Will Drink and Leave the Rest for Your Hosts

Now you don’t want to run out do you? So be sure to bring more than you plan to drink and think about how it looks to gather up your remaining drinks to take home. You should remember a time (and we say this hoping it does not make me sound too old) when you would have a party at your house to restock your bar.

Take care of these rules and Rock in the sex party you are visiting.